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Java Beginner Online (Live Virtual Class)

Learn the essentials of Java programming with this 6-weeks intensive live virtual class. Simply sit at home or at the office, in front of your computer while you communicate live with your Java trainer. It’s a huge advantage if you only consider the fact that you can participate from virtually anywhere in the world.



Monday, Wednesday, Friday

From 09:00 to 13:00 (GMT+2)


6 Weeks

From May 1st to June 8th


$590 $540 Early Bird

until March 31st

Java Beginner Online Curriculum

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Success story

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The most important thing for me was to make sure that at the end of each day I was going to be better than I was the previous day. Some days were like a sprint, others like a marathon. I knew what truly mattered was to keep ‘running’. Every time I felt like I was about to take an exam. [...] Don’t do it because you have to, do it because you like it. Learn, search, ask. Look for the logic behind programming, don’t try to memorize it, try to understand it. Work as much as you can both in class and individually. Try to make small projects, learn by doing. There will be moments when it will seem very difficult, don’t give up! Remember why you started learning and most important: have fun while doing it!
Opinion Ovidiu Enescu


The Java Beginner Online (Live Virtual Class) is the most efficient method of learning generated by the global shortage of workforce in the IT sector. The main objective is to help you start your path on a new career in IT, while gaining valuable skills as a programmer.

If you have the intelectual capacity to assimilate very fast the new concepts and information, and are able to put up with a strong volume of work, this Java Beginner Online Class is perfect for you. You are enrolling in an intense course that is set to maximize the results and therefore it requires the most of your attention and time for practice.

The class is six weeks long, three days a week, four hours a day spent online in a group of 40 students trained by one of our professionals. We also recommend you spend another 4 hours every day to work by yourself and become a master in programming.

Unlike watching online videos, you will be able to communicate live with your Java trainer and ask him questions in real time on the chat. You will either receive a live answer, straight from the trainer, if it's about a problem others have too, or an answer on the chat, from one of our team.

Once the Live Virtual Class has started, you will be assigned different projects as homework that will later be discussed during class. These will have strict deadlines to motivate you to work on them.

You will also be able to evaluate your learning progress using our online quizzes constantly available to you.

Our Learning Management System is your home for the exercises done with the trainer during classes, quizzes, project assignments, and a forum that will help you easily communicate with our trainers or other students.

Over the entire length of the class you will be granted full access to our WIKI platform – where you can find the complete course material in English.

Have you missed a class or need a refresher of what was discussed? Look no further than our video platform, which you will be able to access from any device at any time.


Participate in a live classroom from virtually anywhere in the world
Accelerate your career in IT with a program meant to develop your skills


Remote learning
The main advantage of this whole package is that you can be part of it from the comfort of your home
Just like a real classroom
Address questions and receive the complete answers in real time. Using the live chat window, you can discuss any programming issues you might have with any of the trainers on our team
Extended access
After you finish the six weeks learning program we still grant you a six months access to our course materials and quizzes
Our LMS platform
Full access to our online Learning Mananagement System. Find examples explained by the trainer in class, assignments, and quizzes
Our Wiki platform
Complete course materials for the Java Module, exercises together with the solutions and many challenging projects to help you become a skilled programmer in the shortest time
Our Video platform
Watch live classes online, ask questions on the chat, get answers in real time, and rewatch classes you missed: on your laptop, tablet, or mobile
Check your progress
You can constantly verify your knowledge progress by unlimited access to online quizzes
Practice makes perfect
You will be constantly working either on assigned projects or on chapter exercises. Gain knowledge fast by immediately practicing with the concepts you learnt in class
Did we mention you can participate in this live virtual class from everywhere in the world? Rewatch classes you miss whenever you have the time, wherever you are
Guaranteed training quality
We guarantee the quality of our trainers, since they all got extraordinary feedback from our graduate students
Quality comes first
Gain the skills you need as a programmer with this intensive and accelerated course
A real community
We are creating an online community, so people who are just learning programming can connect and chat about learning strategies, problems, jobs, etc

Success story

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As far as I am concerned the course was very well structured [...]. Java is very user friendly and you can learn it easily with a trainer even if you have no experience with programming. My advice for people who wish to learn Java is: come to Jademy, this is a great place to start your career as a Java developer!
Opinion Alexandru Cojocaru


Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9 1 p.m. (GMT+2)
Length: 6 weeks
Total Hours: 72 hours
Max Students: 40
Curriculum: See Details

$590 $540 - ONLY $7.63 per hour

Next class start date: May 1st


What does this cost? Only $590 full price paid upfront!

If you register on our website before March 31st , you benefit from our Early Bird offer, meaning you get a $50 discount, the final price being $540.

After enrolling, we would like to have a short chat with you over skype, in which we will also talk about the next steps - signing the contract, paying the tax and setting up your accounts!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay?

Full price upfront, before the class starts.

I enrolled on the site. What now?

Following the enrollment link, you will be able to schedule a short skype chat, in which you will be able to clarify any questions you still have and we will guide you through the next steps.

Do you teach any other programming languages?

So far, we only teach Java. We believe in doing only one thing and doing it best.

Do I need an internet connection or can I just download the materials?

Yes, you need an internet connection. The class will be streaming live at the scheduled hours.

Do I also need to study individually or is the practice in class enough?

Yes! Yes, you do need to practice on your own! We can’t emphasize enough the importance that individual studying has in the learning process. Programming is only learnt by a lot of practice.

What Java concepts am I going to study?

Every concept you are going to learn is presented in the specific curricula of every course.

What are my chances to find a job as a Java programmer after I graduate this class?

If you only take the first module (Java Beginner), we do not recommend you apply for a job. Instead, you need to finish studying programming notions, either by taking one of our on-site classes, one of our advanced online classes (more details coming soon!), or any other class online or offline which will take you through the rest of what you need to know.

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Success story

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I started out very panicked, not knowing anything about programming, not having a clear idea of what was coming up next. Slowly, I became more relaxed and was able to comprehend more. You need to come to Jademy with a positive attitude, because you like coding and truly wish to do this, not because you want a high paid job. Once you get used to programming and you understand the beauty in it, you really don’t feel like doing anything else, you start doing it even when you want to relax, it becomes both relaxing and useful at the same time. [...] Future trainees, come here relaxed, don’t panic and start coding with the goal of learning Java and reaching your full potential, not for the money you’ll make as a developer!
Optinion Claudiu Neacsu